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can she spend over fifteen billion euros on culture she says thirty to one hundred fifty million degrees we clung to just to sell from st petersburg to france we travel in search of her song. knowledge young age we've got the future covered. a ukrainian military transport plane has been shot down in the again the army says all forty nine on board a day. the cranes prime minister orders the country to gear up for gas cuts from monday the day when kiev must pay and his debt to russia. plus. islands even nuclear weapons week salman whether the u.k. is closer collaboration with america's britain's best interests amid worries that friendship is growing too close and renegade. baghdad trying to more cities by the us ways of military help the crumbling country
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. there welcome you watching r.t. international with me and tree farm but we start with breaking news because ukraine's defense ministry says all forty nine people on board a military transport plane that was shot down in again are dead an army official said more details will be released during the recovery operation scott reports ukrainian defense ministry have confirmed that a military jet was shot down as it approached the lugansk port it's reported been shot down using anti aircraft or. the ukrainian defense ministry have also confirmed that at the time it was carrying troops equipment machinery and food of course lugansk has been bombarded by the ukrainian military and air force in recent
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weeks it's really been one of the centers of the ukrainian army's all the time to terror operation as they're calling it in fact earlier this month eight civilians were killed when a ukrainian military asteroid hit the city center on. terms of what else is happening in the region the ukrainian army says it has regained control of the port city of mariupol following intense fighting there or the ukrainian military have targeted the city as well as part of this anti terror operation as they're calling it and following intense battles they say that they have reclaimed valuable five activists were killed in the ukrainian flag is now flying above the administrative building there meanwhile moscow is calling for an investigation into reports that white phosphorus bombs have been dropped on the city of slavyansk the city is also seen fierce fighting of course in recent weeks between pro and anti government forces but videos have emerged showing what appears to be fire bombs being dropped
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on the city these weapons are banned by the united nations despite the video footage and i witness reports here is denying such weapons have been used well just to give you another update on that story and the government forces have now admitted they actually shot down that transport plane. russian security services meanwhile said that two ukrainian armored vehicles crossed the border into russia on friday guards they detained one of the vehicles after it got stuck with that power it's all components were then returned to ukrainian territory there was swift reaction on the diplomatic front russia's foreign ministry immediately demanded ukraine stop such provocations. refugees fleeing the crisis in east ukraine claim the army won't let men leave the country later in the program we visit a refugee camp over the border in russia to hear from the wives and children sheltering from the conflict. ukraine's prime minister has ordered the country's ministries to
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get ready for gas cuts from monday that's the deadline moscow has given kiev to pay half of its energy debt if not gazprom will introduce a prepayment system meaning kiev only getting exactly as much gas as it pays for up front kevin owen talked to r.t. correspondent really good about why isn't paying up. so are these latest gas price talks of collapse we seem to be back to square one who's holding it up is ukraine or is it russia was the picture all depends on whom you ask for example ukraine says that russia's price is too high and moscow says that kiev demands are simply absurd so let's have a look at the facts first starters ukraine admittedly owes billions of dollars to russia and gazprom has actually moved the deadline for payment back four times and now it's seven rounds of negotiations but their economy is so at the moment how are they going to pay that all that is true but remember that i.m.f. loan that ukraine has already gotten and that is actually enough to cover part of
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their debt and that the fact is russia is not even asking them to pay back in full at least half of what heroes and if they do there's a deal for that moscow well actually throw in a retroactive discount on what ukraine owes and that will save the country millions of desperately needs if war but to the present ukraine is this latest discovery that was all for the one that was on the table is just to haul it's not enough so when we go from here well here's a perspective on the gas price russia is offering three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters which is already eight hundred dollars less than the current running price what's more is that russia has actually guaranteed that rate for a year regardless of whether market prices go up and as a matter of fact even europe's energy chief house called the offer very reasonable . i believe that three hundred eighty five dollars is a reduction that could be considered reasonable depending on the volume and length
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of the contract it could even be less than three hundred eighty five and that will then be the final price so really what's at stake for europe in all of this well look at the map and you can see that ukraine is actually a major transit hub for european gas and of key of miss is a payment and the supplies are cut off then they have a history of siphoning gas intended for europe and that could force russia to cut that off to announce is exactly what europe is so worried about in this circumstances. and gazprom chairman alexey miller has his own suspicions about why there's no progress from the ukrainian side. perhaps the ukrainians of outside advisors it's just that we've observed from the very beginning of the talks that the ukrainian side never really wanted any compromise or any deal. and former british diplomat william manson goes even further naming who he thinks directly stands to benefit if russia supplies ukraine is under instructions from
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the united states of america and very very large industrial companies this is also another subtle way of controlling the europeans remember because when and if russia quite rightly stops delivering gas which isn't paid for. like the previous two times the ukraine will simply siphon off the gas which will cause some problems in europe which will further encourage the europeans to be forced to eventually start buying american very expensive american merely refined gas as well that's all part of the business plan. while on r.t. dot com right now we've got details of one solution to the gas route put in a bid on e bay the price though has rocketed to a level anyone would balk at this is a spoof auction no and even guarantees delivery. iraq is verging on collapse a brutal jihadist offshoot of al qaeda has taken to more cities northeast of baghdad after murderously rampaging its way through the north the fear now is that
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the capital itself could for the tones of idea and fell to the group known as isis is sending security forces fleeing from the area that the sectarian tensions within the country are at their worst in years sunni tribal leaders are reportedly joining the jihadist ranks to fight against that weekend she led government that as the u.s. considers sending out military help to the beleaguered iraqi army including the possibility of airstrikes and drone attacks his artie's be any. president obama's message to iraq is the u.s. will help it fight the militants but it will not put boots on the ground he said he would be reviewing the range of options in the coming days this could mean air strikes but the president has not made a decision yet he also indicated that it's not up to the u.s. to solve iraq's problems we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq but i have asked my national security team to
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prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces and i'll be reviewing those options in the days ahead we can't do it for them in the absence of this type of political effort short term military action including any assistance we. provide won't succeed the sectarian war in iraq broke out after the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three and has been a source of constant violence ever since it has allowed to the militants with the islamic state of iraq and syria again to gain momentum and recruits the fight against assad in syria is further bolstered these militants and gave them new resources they are now in control of large parts of iraq including iraq's second largest city of mosul the goal of this militant group is to create a caliphate or an islamic state across a vast area that includes syria and iraq when taking over mosul heavily armed radicals overran police stations freed more than
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a thousand prisoners from the city jail and to go over the international airport iraqi forces apparently red in the face of leaving behind uniforms weapons and armored vehicles those could be weapons that the u.s. provided to the iraqi security forces that are now in the hands of these militants more than half a million people have fled seeking refuge the situation for most iraqis is dire and it has been so for years they were promised democracy but all they've seen is violence with no end in sight well the united states spent millions of dollars to train and equip the iraqi army but political analyst side of the camp says current event. has gone too way. you have. the rid of the problem it was the u.s. invasion and occupation of iraq when the second largest city and iraq mosul fall into their hands that means that all this training all this equipping of the iraqi army and the iraqi security forces that the united states has done spending
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twenty five billion dollars of taxpayers' money has really gone the way that's what me there has to be a way to put the country back on track and that the key to that track is really the national reconciliation which is something that the united states when it was the occupying power in iraq did not really think very seriously still ahead for you to sat ignoring sexual violence for the sake of making military money summit time killing the use of rights as a weapon of war sees how use britain keep quiet about it putin's in sri lanka to whom it sold millions of dollars worth of. also meet the russian scientists giving the grandmasters a run for their money these brothers. works with pinpoint accuracy come finding even the experts we join them in the in a couple of. i
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. i. this is the media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motion secure. your party visible. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politic. to. speak your language as anybody will or not be in. programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. a little turn to bangalore story.
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here. the spanish find out more visit i. again that britain may lose some of its independence over its nuclear deterrent is its steps up collaboration with the us over warheads it's another step in the already widespread cooperation between the two which includes sharing intelligence and prisoner exchanges as party boy reports such toys don't always britain well. america and britain already share the know how in hardware and according to a guardian newspaper scoop that cooperation is to be stepped up even further prompting fresh questions about the independence of the u.k.'s nuclear to terror and if we don't have an independent deterrent which means an independent threat
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then we moderns well just if we want to be protected by nuclear weapons pay the americans a fee and allow them to do it for the cold war may be over but there are still nearly ten thousand u.s. military personnel stationed in britain at dozens of our a.f. bases under u.s. control radar still five north of five us your b. she's in britain wires or you have to ask her many. states. you know you better take over america during which we were in this boring last month the independent on sunday revealed that washington is to spend two hundred million pounds want to revamp of the r.a.f. crouton one of the u.k. bases allegedly involved in mass surveillance revelations about g c h q and the n.s.a. they are what we could be saying that british citizens are actually having their privacy in paid it's a by a country which is supposed to be our closest ally and friend in the world it's led
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some voices in the u.k. to question whether american and british interests always overlap britain is now a fairly small in. not a powerful country and as we were in the days when we had an empire but we have a national interest we still have a national interest we're still a very big economy we're still an important country but we should exercise that national interest in our interest we shouldn't just slavish we hand over to the americans anything that they want and yes a succession of british leaders the done little to remedy what many see as a lot sided special relationship under the current extradition treaty between were . in america it's much easier for a u.k. citizen to be sent to face trial in the us than the other way around over recent years twice as many people have been extradited from the u.k. to the us which british prime minister doesn't. go that extra length for the
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americans objects of commentators have long argued that to many an american the american supplements britain is the fifty first states of america. see london. now remember marty mcfly is hoverboard him back to the future well get ready for the reality a year before the blockbuster movie predicted they would exist a french company has unveiled an aquatic fly aboard you can read about this story at r.t. dot com. also there why send supply rockets to the i assess when the crew could print their own spare parts online read how scientists have given a green light to installing a three d. printer on the space station. over nine thousand people have come to russia from eastern ukraine in the past couple of days as kiev's military lays waste to times during its crackdown on the uprising families are being split as men are being prevented from leaving ukraine while
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women and children are being allowed to get tagged artie's or on course that i have visited one refugee camp to hear some of their stories. this typical russian summer camp for children is usually filled with joy however the mood here and in the other three summer camps which have been partly converted to refugee camps that are visited is far from cheery mentee limmy is meaningless to everything has changed for me i used to have a great job at home my husband and i were living great and then one day i had to leave everything behind me is here with her son and she's due to give birth in less than a month to another child and like everyone else she has fled the shelling in the east of ukraine to do just that but when you leave home for awhile he usually want to come back but at some point you realize that you don't have anything to come back to there's no returning to a government which is trying to kill you and destroy all your belongings lisa tries her best to look brave and says she's not scared for her life anymore but her
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worries are far from over i'm very worried about my father and brother they haven't let them out of the country they say they can come here and we're very scared for them. you know move your move good woman pretty awful we were ready for anything someone could have easily thrown a bomb inside a bus during a boss ride we were told not to talk on the phone because someone could be listening and ready to drop bombs on us nearly nine thousand refugees cross the border with russia in the last couple of days alone most have only one thought in mind the safety of their children organizers volunteers authorities and everybody else involved trying to make the children stay here as carefree as a possible however the kids emotional state is far from camp like sound of a plane or any other loud noise for that matter still shocks them as they search
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for the nearest bomb shelter people here are grateful for the aid and shelter some are preparing to head on to stay with relatives or friends in russia while for others these refugee camps are all they have now cos are of artsy southern russia. now the global summit in london to end sexual violence in conflicts or one control of a sea of method which could otherwise have proved uncomfortable for the british hosts a gathering was called to address both historical and current cases of using rape as a weapon or taught in war zones like syria congo and abuses in sri lanka have been left out by the organizers the u.k.'s foreign secretary and the un special envoy angelina jolie britain's been selling millions of dollars worth of weapons to sri lanka which has long been on the radar of human rights organizations civil war there ended in two thousand and nine which the sri lankan government accused of war crimes but even now rape and extrajudicial killings continue after he returns to
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discuss this with human rights advocate bianca jagger and artie's going underground which you can watch online but i did some research and found reports about how the u.k. sent weapons that probably were used in the mass killing of the tamil at the end of the war and even before and he does believe that between seven hundred fifty to seventy thousand innocent civilians were killed among the turmel and it is a real persecution of the tamil even today and why is the u.k. government silent and of course they have something to answer because of the sale of weapons to that country and because sri lanka holds the presidency of the commonwealth in the one hand you talk about you know the sexual violence and you talk about war crimes and then you sell weapons to this government. some international news in brief now and security has been stepped up across
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afghanistan during voting in the second round of the presidential election the taliban had issued further threats to disrupt polling last saturday presidential front runner abdullah abdullah escaped an assassination attempt when a suicide bomber attacked his convoy in the capital kabul the united nations is appealing to neighbors of the central african republic to keep their borders open for the refugees who are fleeing sectarian violence earlier this week over twenty people were killed in fresh fighting between muslim and christian militias there's been more it's been more than a year of deadly ethnic and religious ballance that's killed thousands in this place nearly a million people. militants linked to the islamic state of iraq and syria say they kidnapped three teenagers in the west bank claiming it's in retaliation for the israeli defense forces killing of three of the group's members the youngsters including an american citizen who went missing on thursday night after leaving a religious college israel is also investigating whether any palestinians are
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linked to the abduction. now or only a couple of dates in the world cup in brazil but it's already thrown up a few surprises not more so than the five one defeat of reigning champions spain by the netherlands last night but it's not just the football on the pitch that fans are enjoying this plenty of entertainment on the sidelines too as graeme phillips has been fighting. so here's the guy this would be specially constructed on the edge of this if it wasn't for this walk up two thousand it was eat my stretches of a seven day kids would of course a big scream the same place most every day to tens of thousands of times did they give me the atmosphere was not me speaking some of these crimes to see what the being in the cloud does here this was come two thousand and fourteen in brazil so was emotionally laden when i was going to so you know i suspect it was me so here's a computer not going to write you tell said it was you was like you know was
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was the light show was because we see the p.c. was at least was . i think i was. now most of us can't afford to hang an original mondeo picasso on our walls but perhaps we could settle for the next best thing a group of russian artists and making a splash in german articles with their incredibly detailed reproductions all berlin correspondent peter oliver has been for a few. a who's who of art stares back at you from the walls of this small salad in berlin but this priceless collection including rembrandt's mony is and van gulfs
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are the work of three russian brothers who to this it will be for good for you know this is a good example of what we do the original of this painting was lost during world war two we were able to recreate it from an old photograph. guinea mihail and semi encores and being masterminds behind the masterworks that have drawn high praise from some of the most respected and revered names in the german art world in. the my bil lost people who represent conservative traditional russian art schools in the west europe and then you see the synonymously costly and complex education gave way to more than art but in russia it was preserved had they not started in leningrad they wouldn't be able to paint those wonderful pictures for them to sell a painting the artist must have been dead for at least seventy years and the paintings all have to be signed by the brothers this hasn't stopped some chances trying to make a killing off their work though back in two thousand we did some reproductions of
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william turner's the originals were stolen back in one thousand nine hundred six these guys then tried to sell them to an art dealer in antwerp as the legit works for ten million ago those guys went to jail another rule is they can't be exactly the same size as the originals in fact many people actually want much larger reproductions but it's the beauty and attention to detail taken that gets customers to pay up to ten thousand euro for the pictures. for this we have to work with gold leaf it's very delicate difficult to apply what you see here has taken around a hundred hours. that is seeing collectors keen to obtain the paintings a little way outside of burley is a hotel that set up a museum dedicated to the brothers' work. it's a small sensation for this region in berlin there's twenty of our galleries but here you can see all the masterworks from the louvre or the prado just ours are
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reproductions they might not be the real deal but it's certainly a great collection that they have here you can see rubens you can see vermeer all of them on the show here the great artist alongside holbein every single one of them has been lovingly recreated by the three brothers and they've spent around as much time on each one of these as it's believed the great masters spent on creating the original the love that goes into their painting is clear when you hear them talk about their favorite creation one day i was of the louvre very early it was raining so there weren't many tourists i was able to get really close to the mona lisa and spend time with it i think we made about seventeen trips to paris to look at it in order to make this we would never sell this piece it's very special to us whether it's the time consuming layers of the classical artists or the pacey
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bold strokes of the expressionists when it comes to the art world the pose in brothers of got it covered peter oliver on r.t. germany. an amazing story now let's just have a reminder of this hour's breaking news anti-government fighters and again east ukraine have confirmed they shot down a military transport plane the ukrainian army says all forty nine people on board were killed the jet was carrying military personnel and ammunition and went down while landing at the ganske airport it's thought it was hit from an anti aircraft and will have more details as we get. up ahead how the tradition of having more than one wife is driving a wedge in today's kazakstan. country her history of yugoslavia is formation as
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a prosperous and peaceful country it was considerate to be a success story of market socialism and in many regards it was a moment of development on. whom was this teacher of democracy and market economy if any republic in yugoslavia wanted for the e.u. with a it would have to break away from yugoslavia and declared its independence ok that's not a conspiracy theory it's not my speculation it's not my analysis it's a public. sentiment. and punished harshly for every slight do not some unlearnt the serbs start a business war the serbs are the original cause of the war they are the complete aggressors and wrongdoers. bomb conifer.
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on that. bomb small. bomb all of tofu kitchens six of them knew what special expensive. to go assist and the multi-ethnic society to live in harmony and joe not. what was forgotten to be told gilo about yugoslavia the weight of chains on our. welcome to the future is mom showed thirty four can just bend over fifteen billion euros of cold feet that says so each one hundred fifty million degrees with uncle mike still to sell from same piece bits of fronts we travel in search of a song. knowledge on stage we've got the future covered. led the missing plane. the first trip to an all.


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